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“Local SEO” Queries Now Generating Local Results

Posted on: January 1st, 2013 by Cody Baird No Comments


“Local SEO” Queries are Finally – Local


Maybe the Mayans were right about the end of the world after all.  Google is finally displaying “Local SEO” and “Local Search Marketing” queries as a local result.

I began focusing on local search marketing, local SEO, and all things local in 2009. It has been interesting watching many search queries change from organic to local results over the past 3 years.

I did not think I would ever see what I did in the search results yesterday on New Years Eve. The following search queries are generating local results:

Let’s search for “local seo”

I guess Google doesn’t deem Milkmen.com as a local SEO firm.  Dammit.  Looks like the Guys at Online Image are winning here.  Way to go Russ!

local seo query


How about “local search”

Strike 2.  Milkmen.com is not a trusted source for local search either.

local search query

And Then “local search marketing”

Hey O!  And he hits it into left field.  Yay, Google trusts Milkmen.com for “local search marketing”!

local search marketing query

Last but not least, “local marketing”

Now we have a runner in scoring position.

local marketing query

Other Related Terms and Query Results

“local internet marketing” – local results

“seo” – organic local and national results

“search engine optimization” – organic national results

“local online marketing” – organic local and national results

“search marketing” - organic national results

“internet marketing” - organic national results

“online marketing” - organic national results

Future of Search and/or Predictions?

The World Wide Web is going LOCAL.

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In 2011, I founded milkmen.com, a firm specializing in local search marketing and local brand strategy. Local SEO, search marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, local brand development and messaging.

My role as President involves recruiting and managing our marketing and sales teams. Leading the product/strategic vision and evangelizing local search, local brand strategy, search marketing, and milkmen.com.

To relax I read on a variety of subjects, go golfing, hiking, running, & anything outdoors.

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